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I started in 2001 when back in school. I wanted to build a site to share our passion for riding trials and making vids. It was a major part of my life, we all loved riding so much and I was fascinated / addicted to making the vids and pics.

Back in those days there was no social media and to put a video together you needed to really know your stuff and have a ton of equipment to do it! many memories of trying to nurse maid my PII400 with prob 32mb RAM running a pirated version of Premier Pro through an export without crashing, and everything was restricted to around 30 meg as dial up couldn’t upload anything bigger within the 2hr time limit on FTP. That’s right kids shit was tough back then 😀

We built up a decent following with loads of riders contributing to ‘Pic of the week’, The Guestbook’ and various other bits and pieces on the site. Through college the site changed quite dramatically as I introduced the forum. It was absolutely ripping back in the day, over 200 posts a day, a huge amount of fun and some really good debates. If I had actually had a brain / drive to do something about it, I would have seen the potential for a platform for people to share their lives online. Seems obvious now but back then there was no social media. We used to stick up all the party photos, riding stuff, surfing, car sledging it was crazy how popular it got. Caused a lot of problems for the IT teachers 😀

After I left college the site took a bit of a back seat as real life set in. We had a few cracking videos – Duality, TUK 2008 etc but then things got harder and harder to keep going and Facebook and You Tube just smashed most websites to pieces including ours.

15 years later I decided to build this new site. It’s never going to be what it was back in the day. The whole point of the site is for one, to motivate us to get our asses in gear and make more content and secondly for the riders of our generation to look back at the glory days and enjoy some old school magic.

Things have aligned nicely in recent months with all the guys who still ride getting more time to get out. We’re already out riding loads to be honest, riding better than we ever have and I think we’re all looking forward to getting some good stuff online for people to enjoy (hopefully).


Any feedback good or bad is awesome, got an idea for the site or want to contribute, get in touch.

Enjoy the site



I've always just loved riding bikes. Trials was my passion for many years, I was a good trials rider but certainly not a natural - Ross has always been several levels up, a naturally talented trials rider without a doubt. In 2008 I bought a Kona Coiler full susser and started getting into freeride. A few years in I got massively into DH and found that unlike trials, I definitely had something a bit extra on the DHer. DH became my main discipline over trials and still is now. In 2013 I started surfing and I have fallen in love with it, I have a long way to go in the water but am very passionate about it and am just loving the progression and challenge of surfing. And finally my GSXR......

James Ritchie

Trials, DH, Surf, GSXR