Trials is where it all began for us. The first time I saw someone riding trials I was absolutely fascinated by it. Now we’re all used to people riding at an unbelievable level, but back then just seeing someone able to hop around on the back wheel was just mind blowing. Every trials rider remembers their first chain tension, their first touch hop. It is a riding discipline like no other, a bit weird, a bit geeky, only trials riders will know 🙂

Trials is a super addictive cocktail of precision and power. It’s a discipline for the obsessive, people who relish in small details, people who thrive on progression and practice, often a bit of OCD helps 😀 One of the things I love about trials is how much it’s in the mind. It can feel horrible at times, nothing works, bike feels heavy, body feels tired, you clatter around and lines look impossible. Then when your on it little bits of steeze and flow just happen without thought, the bike feels light as a feather and butter smooth, you make lines that shouldn’t have worked, you tend to chuckle as you nail something absolutely perfect, it’s such a mint feeling. As with most things on two wheels, trials is an expression of how your feeling at that moment in time. But the best thing about trials is riding with friends. What you lose in speed and pure thrill of DH, you gain in a sense of peace, chill and the huge amount of fun you can have with your mates out riding on the trialers.

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