Trialskings Tribute

Visit now and you get some legal crap, 4/5 years ago it was home to a group of riders absolutely storming the UK trials scene. These guys were the absolute dogs bollocks. In my opinion they revolutionised trials, doing things most pros wouldn’t even look at. The best thing about the trialskings was they never seemed to take themselves too seriously and always rode the way I think it should be, balls out and having fun. At times the riding was pretty reckless and I loved that, now were getting used to mind blowing trials riding from Damon Watson, Neil Tunnicliffe, Craig Lee Scott etc, but back then it was different. These guys (again just in my opinion) played a massive part in starting the craze of balls out street trials. I think a lot of riders including myself just couldn’t wait for the next video to come up on the site and get downloading on the old school dial up 😀

The two main riders were Danny Holroyd and Adam Burns, James Hyland also a really good rider did all the website / videos, there were a few other riders Dave Finnay, Steve Howes and Chris Swallow. The videos were absolutely awesome, insane riding with loads of variation and were really well put together, everyone I knew who rode were totally inspired by them. Unfortunately after a few mental years the trialskings folded, Danny is still riding and is one of the top riders in the UK, I think Adam stopped riding due to a back injury, not sure about the others, if anyone knows feel free to drop me an email.

I’m sure most trials riders have already seen the trialskings videos, but for those who haven’t or those who fancy a dose of nostalgia, here are a selection of some of the best. The vid names aren’t official they are just what the files on my PC were called!!